Food and cooking is how people express themselves, connect, and show their passion. And being a professional personal chef is about as far away from cubicle life as you can get.

A million years ago, ive been a pc for over 15 years so this was seriously a long time ago, I worked a cubicle job. It was a big corporation that went through mergers and layoffs and all the other crap. I had a huge long crappy commute. I was literally in a cubicle and I can’t remember if their were windows anywhere or not, at least there weren’t any near me!

I went to college like maybe you did and that’s what you did was got a j.o.b. honestly by the time I finished college I knew I wanted to go to culinary school but I had bills and culinary school even then was tens of thousands of dollars that I did not have. I don’t even think I had the credit to get a loan.

I always loved to cook. I wanted to do it, but I didn’t know how.

What else was there besides being a restaurant chef?

At the time that was the holy grail, being a restaurant chef. I worked in restaurants for years though as a server and I soon realized three things:

Restaurant life is hard fing work. It is nights and weekends and holidays. It is low pay.

It’s terrible that culinary schools have you believe that the only way to pursue your passion is to pay tens of thousands of dollars to end up throwing away your personal life and all your family time to a low paying restaurant job.

When I discovered personal cheffing, that it’s working days, setting your own schedule and deciding how much you want to make I was blown away.

It’s still amazing to me that I get paid to cook for clients who adore me and love the food I prepare for them and how it gives them time with their families to do all the other things they want to do because they do not want to shop and cook.

And I get paid great money to do it. 

How much would it mean to you of you could do this? Without having to spend tens of thousands on culinary school, if you could cook the food you love for people who paid you and then thanked you for cooking for them?

If you’d love to have this life where you get paid to cook without culinary school without sacrificing all your nights and weekends, getting paid to cook the food you love for people who love it just as much then come join us in the personal chef business academy where you’ll get everything you need to start and become a professional personal chef.