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[00:00:00] People think that they can just post a few times on social media and BAM! They’ll get loaded with clients. And maybe it’s because we see influencers who are already popular with thousands or even millions of followers, but we don’t see them when they’re trying to get started. Hey there, Chef Shelly here.

I’ve had a successful personal chef business for 17 years, and when I’m not cooking for my own clients, I help passionate cooks like you start your own personal chef business. Doing weekly meal prep services, small caterings, and even cooking classes. If that’s something you’d be interested in, subscribe and be sure to click that little bell so that you never miss a weekly video.

Let’s talk about why social media won’t work for you unless you really do it right to get clients for your personal chef business. This is how Facebook works. You have a Facebook account. That is considered a personal account. Facebook does not want you promoting your business on [00:01:00] it. So they want you to create a business page.

You create a business page. No one will see it. You try to get people to follow you. They’re not from your country. Facebook is a global platform. Then people start to like your page. When you post, even though they like your page, do they even get to see the post? And that’s even when the algorithm’s not changing.

Maybe Facebook decides they don’t want to see your stuff anymore and they haven’t even decided that. That’s not even talking about what are you posting. Is it quality content? Is it quality copywriting? Is it good food photography? All you’re trying to do is build trust and connection with people, but it can be really difficult to do on Facebook.

Let’s talk about Instagram. Same problem. You create an Instagram account. You start [00:02:00] posting about your food and your services. Instagram’s just putting those posts out to the world. It is not a locally oriented platform. So you try to do some hashtags that maybe have your city name in them, well then, people are going to have to be looking under that hashtag to find your posts and to learn about you.

And then there’s Reels. Are you going to be doing short videos or whatever the next thing they come up with? And again, are you doing what they want you to do or are they going to punish you with the new algorithm because they’ve decided that’s not important anymore? They want you to do it this way. Not to mention that when you are posting in places like Facebook and Instagram, you do not own your content.

Lots of stuff can happen. You can get locked out of your page. You can get hacked. You can get canceled. You can get banned. I remember when I first started, I was doing listings for services on Craigslist and I had [00:03:00] another personal chef report my posts as inappropriate and they locked me, Craigslist locked me out of my account.

That ended that. So let’s talk about how to make it work for you. The best place on social media that can really work for you, that I’ve seen people have good results with, is in Facebook, but in local groups. So what you need to do is set up your business page and get all that going, but then join local groups.

Make sure you follow the rules, like how many times you’re allowed to post for a business if they even let you post for your business. You need to be consistent and engage with other people. That’s really the most important thing. Make sure that you’re engaging with people. You’re not, again, just going to put posts up and have magic happen.

You need to start conversations. This is a local small service. Business then [00:04:00] set goals for what you want to happen. How often are you going to post? How much results do you expect to get from it so that you can track? And if it’s not working, you can make adjustments. Here’s what not to do. Don’t post and ghost.

Don’t just put a post up and then never look at it again and never engage with other people. The whole point is to get people to know you. So, don’t also stay in a group where… It says it’s so small businesses can promote their businesses, but all it is is people just constantly postvertising, just putting up, hey, hire me, hey, hire me, hey, hire me.

They never engage with each other. No one’s reading anyone else’s posts. It’s just a mess. Take a look and evaluate for a quality group. Look at the group size. Look at people are engaging with each other. They’re commenting on each other’s posts. They’re having conversations. Don’t just post [00:05:00] twice, quit, and say it doesn’t work.

Okay? Ooh, here’s a big one. Don’t lie to get into a group, for instance, if it’s supposed to be moms only and you’re a dude. Yes, yes, we know as a personal chef that they need you and you can support them, but if this is a group that’s supposed to be moms only, find a group that’s for parents if you’re a dude.

Lying like that will destroy your reputation, especially when you’re doing promotion online. It’s hard enough to get other people to know, like, and trust you online. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot before you even get traction with it. And of course, the most important thing is that you have your confidence, skills, and services and pricing dialed in before you’re on social media trying to get clients.

You need to have that messaging dialed in, because if you can’t clearly explain it, they’re never going to understand it. So if you need to get your [00:06:00] personal chef services, aka your weekly meal prep system, streamlined and get the confidence that comes from procting the services, Download my free guide on exactly how to do a cook day for a paying client.

The link’s right in the video description. Get that foundation and then get the clients because I’m telling you they’re out there and they’re hungry for what you’re cooking.

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