Start Your Own Personal Chef Business

And Get Paid To Do What You Love

Start Your Own Personal Chef Business

And Get Paid To Do What You Love

How To Do  Weekly Meal Prep Services For  Clients

Start your personal chef business and get paid to do what you love; cook!

In this guide you’ll get:

  • Discover the personal chef service you can provide for paying clients, that keeps your nights and weekends for you.
  • Step by step plan that will have people loving your cooking and keep them coming back for more.
  • Techniques that Personal Chefs use when getting paid to cook, that amateur cooks don’t know about.
  • What you must do to get great quality ingredients and better service at the grocery store.
  • Exactly how to plan, shop, and cook efficiently to maximize your profit.
  • Don’t miss the PRO TIP on page 7 for the easiest way to get free marketing for your personal chef business.

Download the guide to learn how to cook weekly meal services so you can get paid to do what you love.

I almost enrolled in Escoffier culinary school. But I figured there had to be a better and cheaper way. My instincts led me to you. I am so excited to see this!!

Taimara B.

Thanks for your videos! I’ve watched most of your videos and love how clear and concise your delivery is…. great practical advice in a short amount of time : ) I will remember to use your tips!

Jessica H.

I found it all to be helpful, easily digestible (yes, pun intended) and covering a lot of areas.

Candy C.

I feel prepared! The information lined up perfectly and was presented clearly. I can totally be a personal chef and I’m excited to begin my journey!

Sarah K.

This course is very reasonably priced and well worth it. The pricing section in this course has been extremely valuable to me as pricing can be challenging. I’d say that it one of the most relevant sections of the course. Much of this information is not known to someone starting out- it is extremely useful. I can’t say enough – this course will help you succeed. Chef Shelley has a wonderful personality. She is very professional, patient and kind. It is very clear she enjoys her professional, is confident and very good at it.

Bianca M.

Chef Shelley gives valuable information presented in a fun and easy to understand way. The lessons are very thorough and informative, and she is approachable and happy to answer questions. She gives valuable organizational and time-saving tips preventing me from running into problems I wouldn’t have thought of.

Kira S.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your services. I’ve been online trying to find information on becoming a personal chef and was confused 🤷‍♀️ it’s confusing. I’ve been running a bakery for a great country store but it only pays $200 a week, and I need to make more than that (I have a teenage daughter) so I need flexibility. I was working in the medical field and I really don’t want to go back to those long hours away from my kid and doing something all day that I’m not passionate about. I love cooking! Thanks for what you do, it’s already making a difference to me. 🙏🙏🌹

Lesha T.

I would recommend her personal chef course wholeheartedly. It provides you with step by step instructions for the right way to set up the business. You will understand the lingo, how to shop effectively and how to have the business side set up for success sooner than later. By taking the course I feel like I have the skills necessary to be a personal chef and how to go about making it happen in a much quicker way than I would have by “guessing” and trial and error.

Michele H.

The course was a confidence booster. I am so much more comfortable with the services I want to offer. There’s not anything I’m unsure of because all of my questions were answered. You could say that my confidence toward my dream job is 1000x better. I also know how I need to market now. I gained so many great ideas through the course. Every lesson was perfect and just what I needed. Chef Shelley is such a pleasure to learn from.  I’m really really glad I took a chance on this. I would’ve never forgiven myself for not taking this. And the fact that I get to keep this valuable information forever is just amazing to me. No regrets.

Caylie S.

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The ultimate culinary dream job

As a personal chefs you get paid to do what you love, run your own business and still having time with family in friends. It’s virtually unheard of with other jobs in the hospitality industry.

Not to mention being a Chef is just cool!

Save money + make great money

Culinary schools cost $30,000 and higher.

They teach you how to work in a restaurant where wages are about $15 an hour.

You don’t need to go that route to be a successful chef.

Having a step-by-step blueprint from an experienced personal chef helps you avoid costly mistakes and gives you the confidence to charge what you’re worth.

Fastest route to getting paid to do what you love

Whether you’re a passionate home cook or a burnt-out restaurant professional, you don’t have time to waste swimming through an internet full of sketchy advice.

Figuring everything out on your own can be a long, slow road and often involves detours and wrong turns.

Being guided by an experienced personal chef can get you up and running in a fraction of the time so you can start getting paid to do what you love, cook.

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Don’t waste time on a website

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