Think you don’t have a great cooking specialty? You do and this is what it is.

Your cooking specialty, or niche, is much more than just the food you love to cook.

It’s actually about the people who love that same food.

So if you think you just cook ‘regular food’ and can’t figure out what’s special about that, it may be that it’s only ‘regular food’ to you.

Imagine a frazzled mom. Husband working insane hours. Kids driving her crazy. The day is just a horrible blur of busyness and crying (sometimes the kids, sometimes her) and then….


It’s the dreaded dinner hour!

The kids are hungry, whiny, and clingy.

On top of that they want the same damn thing for dinner AGAIN.

Her head is spinning. What can she make that will satisfy them, be semi-healthy, and that her husband will actually want to eat????

Wait, did she even get anything at the grocery store? All she can remember is the mortifying tantrum that Nicholas threw in the canned soup aisle and repeatedly pulling candy out of the shopping cart that Elizabeth kept throwing in.

That clinches it.

She gives up and either calls for takeout or grabs frozen chicken nuggets and throws them in the microwave.


Pouring herself a generous glass of chardonnay, she knows something has to change but she’s too exhausted to deal with it.

This is exactly where you come in.

You know moms.

You know kids.

And you know exactly what to cook to make everyone happy.

When this mom hears you talk about how you love to cook (she hates it) and you know exactly how to make food the whole family loves (she doesn’t have time for that) it’s like a ray of sunshine breaks through the cloudy crap of her life and then angels sing as you tell her:

You’re a personal chef would she like to talk about exactly how you can make this happen for her?

To moms who hate cooking or just don’t have time for it, they aren’t looking for crazy gourmet food or weird diets or far out ethnic food specialties all the time.

They want the same food you’re great at cooking.

This is a specialty because it’s exactly what that type of potential clients wants to eat.

There are a ton of ways to describe your food that you want to cook in ways that are enticing and speak to people that will want to hire you.

A big part of that is knowing who you’re speaking to.

If you are in the suburbs and want to cook for families, you know all about kid friendly food.

You know that there’s more out there than chicken fingers every night.

You are the perfect solution for that mom who doesn’t want to pull together dinner every night.

Maybe she even wants to eat something different with her husband than the same dinner her kids insist on eating every. Single. Night.

You know exactly how to talk to her about your delicious food and what it will do for them.

Just imagine that you’re talking to your best friend.

Tell me in the comments, what’s your cooking style? Do you think it’s a niche or not?

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