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[00:00:00] I hear from people all the time and see them posting in Facebook groups and commenting on my YouTube videos and emailing me and getting on calls with me who have a personal chef business. and can’t get clients and they blame the economy, they blame their city or where they live. They blame the industry.

They blame all sorts of things. And when I asked them, okay, let’s work this out. Tell me about your marketing plan. Hmm. Okay. Tell me what you’ve done in the last week to get clients.

Um, how many people have you talked to in the last 30 days about your personal chef services? It becomes a little bit more clear about what’s [00:01:00] actually going on. Because listen, whenever I work with a student who’s successful, it’s only for one or two reasons. Either they did all the work to get the clients, Or very, very rarely they got lucky.

Well, my passionate cooks, we cannot control luck. And let me tell you, that is age. Fickle shitty business strategy anyway to go with but you know what we can control we can control ourselves And our work the time we put in the marketing we do the improvements we make So if you’ve been trying to get a personal chef business off the ground and you haven’t been able to get clients Or you can’t get enough clients take the time to answer these questions Hey there, Chef Shelly.

I’ve been a successful personal chef with a business for over 15 years, and when I’m not cooking for my own clients, I help passionate cooks just like you, so you can get paid to do what you love [00:02:00] on your own terms. And if that’s exactly what you want, be sure to subscribe and hit that little bell so that you never miss a weekly video.

So I’m going to ask you some questions, and I want you to answer them honestly, and being honest might make you feel bad, or guilty, or defensive, or ashamed, and at first, but just try to let that go, and just move forward through this, okay? First thing. I want you to think about how much you want to be working on your personal SHEP business.

Like, if you have the number of clients that you wanted to have, whatever that is, whether it’s part time or full time or whatever, how much would that be? And if you immediately say that you want to be full time, you need to make serious money, you’ve got bills. We’re just gonna call full time 40 hours a week ish, right?

Okay, did you spend 40 [00:03:00] hours a week talking to people this week? Did you go to networking meetings, take samples to doctor’s office, get in the DMs, offer value in Facebook moms groups, whatever your strategy is? How much time were you actually interacting with human beings about your business? Because let me tell you, a website that sits out there, and don’t get me wrong, yes I love a website for business, or a Facebook page if that’s your strategy.

Yes it is a 24 hour a day sales person, sort of. It is great, and I want you to have that. But this is not Field of Dreams just because you build it does not mean they will magically come Unfortunately, we all wish it was like that But even if it does work a little bit It’s not gonna be as many or as fast as you want them to be Especially if you’re wanting to be full time or you need to make money in your business right now things [00:04:00] like websites Facebook pages tik tok YouTube Instagram posts those things are all passive marketing.

You put it out and then

you wait. If you want clients now or if you want more clients, if you want it all to work faster, the best absolute way to make it happen is to talk to people live. Now that doesn’t just have to be in real life. That can be online, but that means talking to people, not online. Yeah. Just putting posts up.

This means online, it would be in the DMs or in Facebook group conversations or whatever. In person, it could be in networking groups or going to doctor’s offices, like I said. Or it could be you’re talking to people on the phone or email or whatever. So circle back to if you want to spend 40 hours a week working with clients in your business.

to be full time in the business you want, you should be spending right [00:05:00] now 40 hours a week talking to people about your business. Same thing if you want to be part time. If you want to work two days a week, so we’ll just call it 15 hours a week, and you have zero clients, then at minimum you should be spending 50 hours a week talking to people.

Now, I know this might be a disturbing thing to think about time wise, you might think that is a lot of time or you don’t have that much time or God, just the, all the other things you need to do in your business or all the other things you need to do in your home life, you know, it’s like you think about, well, if I was working full time and getting paid for it, I’d have 40 hours for it.

But if it’s marketing work that might make you money in the future, but doesn’t make you money right now, you’re not up for it. Well, just let all these thoughts come up. That is totally okay. Just let them [00:06:00] come up. Then just look at your marketing plan. If you have one, do you have one? Do you have a marketing plan?

Okay. That’s first. If you do, is it full of the things that you should be doing? Or is it just a vague pie in the sky thing? Or is it old and out of date? Or is it from when your business was different when you started it? Just take one page, write down three active things you can do right now to get a client, figure how much time you can dedicate each week.

And then do it. And then evaluate it. Is it working? Are you getting client inquiries? If not, is it because you didn’t do what you plan to do or is it because that’s not where your potential clients are after all? Either recommit and improve what you’re doing. Or, after you’ve given it like 90 days, if it’s not working, leave it and do something else.

And you [00:07:00] just do that over and over and over until you get the number of clients that you want. That’s it. That’s how it works. That’s the only way that it works. So if you’re not doing that, get real with yourself. Make the plan, commit to the time, and then do it. Because… If you are doing that and you are still not getting clients, reach out to me.

I will absolutely get on a call with you for free because I honestly have never talked to someone who has started their business, has a marketing plan, has been working it every week for 60 days who does not have a client. And it doesn’t mean if it hasn’t happened to someone who… has started their business and has been desperately working and trying to get clients.

It doesn’t mean they’re lazy, it doesn’t mean they’re a bad person, it doesn’t even mean that they can’t do it. It just means, probably, that they’ve been trying to do it on their [00:08:00] own, and that’s the hardest way to do it when you’re starting something new that you’ve never done before. So, if you want my help, there’s a link by this video for my free guide on how to do meal prep services for clients.

You can subscribe to my channel here and my Facebook page to get my weekly videos and other information I put out every week and you can join us in the Personal Chef Business Academy and get full training on coaching on this Whatever you need because the clients are out there. They are hungry for what you’re cooking But relying on luck is not going to help them find you

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