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[00:00:00] The culinary world is different than it has ever been before, and opportunities that never existed before are opening up all the time. And that problem is most people don’t even recognize it and everyone is just following the same old path and where that gets really scary is that when people follow the same old path, they end up with the same old opportunities that, if anything, are getting even worse.

Worse than they used to be. Hey there, Chef Shelly here. I’ve had my own personal chef business for 17 years and when I’m not cooking for my clients, I help passionate cooks like you start your own personal chef business. Doing weekly meal prep services, small caterings, even cooking classes. If that’s something you’re interested in, subscribe and be sure to click that little bell so that you never miss one of my weekly videos.

Culinary school used to be the way to become a chef. And what that meant was [00:01:00] spending high five fingers on years of school and then trying to get a job in a restaurant for basically minimum wage. And then after years and years of nights and weekends and holidays doing. Backbreaking work and fighting burnout.

Maybe you could be the head chef at a restaurant where you’d be managing a toxic work environment, beholden to a crazy owner, babysitting unreliable staff, dealing with suppliers and inventory and all that. The further irony there is that the higher you go, the less cooking you get to do. And isn’t that really what the dream of being a chef is all about?

The cooking? What is it? You dream of being a chef so that you can deal with staff and inventory and scheduling and covering shifts for people who don’t show up and never seeing the sun? Or is it just cooking? Cooking the [00:02:00] delicious, mouth watering foods that you love. Sharing it with people who are amazed at your skill.

Spawn over your food and give a high praise to your skills, sharing the food, the nurturing, and all the other things that come along with your gift of cooking. How much happier would you be if not only you got to do what you love every day, but you got paid for it by people who think you’re freaking amazing.

How much happier would. All passionate cooks be if we got paid to do what we love every day. How much more loving would the families be if parents were doing work that fueled them on their own terms, making great money every single day? And that is exactly what I stand for. My mission is to give you, the passionate cook, the vehicle to start your own personal chef business.

To get paid to do what you love. To set [00:03:00] your own terms and get rewarded for it. Not having to deal with the toxic work environment. The low pay. The beat down of a schedule and not being at the same times and places with your family and friends right in this personal chef business academy. There are 4 different pillars that we use to set up your business.

There’s preparing, getting your recipes, your menus, your niche, your services, and your practice in so that you’re comfortable doing your weekly meal prep services, doing your small catering event menus. Then there’s protecting yourself and that’s your business entity, your documents and all those details to be professional.

Then there’s promoting yourself after you have everything else dialed in and you’re ready to start taking clients doing that. And finally, the entrepreneurial perspective, right? Having that mindset of a professional business owner, which is so different [00:04:00] than being an employee. And if that’s you and you want to take the first step, you can start with how to do personal chef services, aka weekly meal prep.

You can download my free guide right in the description by this video, because I’m telling you the clients are out there and they’re hungry for what you’re cooking.

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