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[00:00:00] For people who love to cook and want to get paid to do it, having a personal chef business is a fantastic solution. So what is a personal chef business? Well, a private chef has one family as their client and just cooks for them all the time, all day long, every day, probably serves them meals. And restaurant work, everyone knows what that is, right?

When you’re a chef or a cook at a restaurant, you’re an employee doing what they tell you to do. Well, having your own personal chef business is kind of the best of both worlds. You get to have your own business. Take clients, cook the food that you want to cook, you decide when you’re going to work, how much you’re going to make, and you have multiple clients so you’re not stuck at the mercy of just one family.

That means that you’re doing either small event catering or mainly my favorite, personal chef services, which is like regularly scheduled weekly meal [00:01:00] prep for the family. So like you would cook for the same client every Monday, the same client for every Tuesday. So, this business gives you freedom, schedule, you set your own pricing, all that stuff.

So, hey there, if you’re new to me, as I’ve already dove right in, this is Chef Shelly. I’ve had my own successful personal chef business for over 17 years. When I’m not cooking for my own clients, I help passionate cooks just like you start your own personal chef business doing weekly meal prep and small caterings.

So if that’s something you’re interested in, subscribe and be sure to click that little bell so that you never miss a video. So if you’ve been Googling around thinking about it for a while, maybe watching dozens of my videos here, and you still haven’t been able to take the leap to get started. And I’m not even talking about.[00:02:00]

The confidence to even seriously get started where you could have one client on the side of your job or just whatever you want your business to look like. If maybe you’re retired and you just want to cook a couple days a week for clients, right? So let’s dive in and take a look and figure out what’s in the way of you getting started getting paid to do what you love.

So what part is it that you’re not confident about? Is it your cooking? If that’s the case, then just buckle down and start to master basic techniques. Get down your knife skills, sauteing, roasting, broiling, searing, just all those basics mastered. That’s how you can get your confidence. And from this, you can build your recipe library out.

I hear that a lot from people is that they’re worried they don’t have enough recipes for paying [00:03:00] clients. So while you’re learning that, build your recipe library. Maybe you’re not confident about doing services for other people. Well, part of that, right, is kind of the fear of the unknown. Well, that just comes from making it known.

Practice on yourself, practice on your family, practice on your friends. Prepare a weekly meal prep service just like you would for a paying client. Do the planning, the shopping, the cooking, the packaging, and the cleaning. And if you’re not sure exactly how to do weekly meal prep services, you can download my free guide on how to do weekly meal prep services as a personal chef.

There is a link right in the video description. So cook for not only yourself and your family, but for friends and other people, right? Take food with you to parties and gather testimonials, too. [00:04:00] When people tell you that something that you make is fantastic, track it in a file or a Google Doc or whatever works for you.

But the best thing you can do is extend yourself some grace. If you’re considering starting your own business and you haven’t done it before, or if you tried before and failed, of course you’re not going to be confident. And you know what? You don’t have to be confident to get started. I know that sounds crazy, right?

But if you had to be 100% confident that you would be successful, there’s not an entrepreneur anywhere that would have made it. And when you’re not getting started because you’re not confident, it’s kind of a really self centered place to be. Think about it. If there’s a family who’s having a difficult time right now, would you take them a dinner to help them out?

Or, would you [00:05:00] torture yourself about whether your cooking was good enough, if you were good enough to be able to provide a dinner for them? Hmm? Building a personal chef business is about being focused on the people who need your services, not about your insecurities and how you’re feeling and overanalyzing and overthinking and then sitting in indecision and paralysis, right?

To get started, move from being self centered and thinking about yourself to being service driven. Just accept that, you know what, you might never feel confident enough. The feeling of 100% confidence is just a myth. Focus on the people that need what you want to offer. The family that doesn’t have time, that wants home cooked meals, the couple that needs to eat healthier, the vegan that doesn’t have, like, drive thru options after, you know, a long day of [00:06:00] work on the way home.

Can you help any of these people? Just get clear on them so you can get out of your own way. If you’re using no confidence as an excuse not to start your dream Christmas, your dream personal chef business, you’re just telling yourself a victim story, and that’s just gonna keep you stuck and stagnating right where you are now.

Confidence is not a requirement to get started. Courage is. So just think of what’s something that you can do today. What’s something you can do today to improve your cooking skills? What’s something you can do today to practice a meal prep service? Can you take food to someone? What can you do? Because the clients are out there and they’re hungry for what you’re cooking.

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