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[00:00:00] Hands down, the biggest challenge for passionate cooks who are starting their personal chef business is getting clients. To be honest, this is the most challenging part even for people who already have started their personal chef business. Now in last week’s video, I talked about how to plan for your success and what to do.

Now this might have been new and great info for you if you haven’t gotten started at all yet. But if you’ve been trying to get started and can’t get finished To the point where you’re ready to take clients or if you’ve started your personal chef business and you’re struggling to get clients. I know why, and if you’re honest with yourself, I bet you know why, too.

Hey there, Chef Shelly here. I’ve had a successful personal chef business since 2005, and when I’m not cooking for my own clients, I help passionate cooks just like you start your own personal chef business so you can get paid to do what you love. Cook [00:01:00] on your own terms, you don’t have to have gone to culinary school, you don’t have to work nights and weekends, restaurant hospitality hours, and you can still make really good money doing it.

If this is something you’re interested in, you’ll be want to sure to subscribe and hit that little bell so that you never miss one of my weekly videos. So the reason that you don’t have enough clients or you haven’t gotten to the point where you’re ready to take clients is that you’re not doing the things that actually get you clients enough.

And really, this is only one little talking to people about your services. That’s it. And the reason you’re probably not doing this is because it’s uncomfortable. It’s crappy. It feels nerve racking. You don’t like it. It’s kind of scary to put yourself out there, right? [00:02:00] But this is in juxtaposition. I had my coffee this morning.

This is like the opposite of the fact that you really want to have a personal chef business where you are working and cooking for clients who pay you. Now the problem happens when we let the Not wanting to have uncomfortable feelings stop us from getting what we truly want. So, what happens is, I hear a lot, We’re working really hard on our business, but we’re not getting clients.

Now, how is that even possible? These are some of the things I hear. I’m doing the work, chef. I work 20 hours a week on my business, chef, but I don’t have clients. And maybe this is exactly how you feel right now. Maybe you’ve been trying to get your personal chef business started, and the startup is taking you so much longer than you thought [00:03:00] it would, and you just can’t get to that point where you’re ready to take a client.

Now don’t get me wrong, if you aren’t confident with actually doing the personal chef service, also known as meal prep services, you can download my free guide, there’s a link below this video, and practice until you get comfortable. But other than that one thing, and here’s some tough talk, literally anybody could walk outside their door or get on the phone or text or whatever and contact somebody right now without a website, without a logo, without a business name, definitely without brand colors, without a new set of German knives, without a chef’s coat, without any of that, just Meet someone in real life, call them on the phone, send them a text, and say, Hey, I will cook you a week’s worth of dinners.

Is that something you’d be interested in? So, in case you are doing a lot of stuff in your business, but you [00:04:00] don’t have clients, and you’re trying to get clients, and you can’t figure it out, here 10 different things that you might be spending time on that are never going to get you a client. Okay, so let’s start with when you’re first trying to get started.

Big thing can hold you up is overthinking, especially your marketing materials, right? Spending too much time on your business card, spending too much time coming up with a flyer, or even a website or instead of any of that stuff, instead of just talking to people, right? Something else that kind of falls into this is you can be over researching your competitors, right?

Do you keep looking them up, looking at them on the website, trying to figure out how successful they are, thinking about your competition, maybe even feeling bad that you’re not doing as well as they might be doing? You know, it makes you second guess your services, your pricing, and everything else. that keeps you [00:05:00] in a spiral that is going to keep you from actually talking to people about your services.

Number three, perfectionism, especially in your branding. Now, if you’ve watched my video before on branding as a personal chef, you don’t need branding. Branding is for big companies who can’t form direct relationships with their customers. So they have to come up with a brand to give them. Something they can give to people to feel, to get a feeling about their business.

We are the business. People know us, so we already have that built in. But people will strive for getting everything just right, which is just another code word for perfect, which is just another code word for never gonna happen. That could be in your logo, in your business name, even in a color. That’s just another thing that you do not need to actually get a paying client.

it doesn’t [00:06:00] matter. Now, if you already have a personal chef business, then there is a whole bunch of other stuff and some of these you actually do have to do, but number four, you can spend too much time on administrative tasks like your bookkeeping, your invoicing and paperwork and stuff that can really seem important.

And don’t get me wrong. I get it. When you have a business, it needs to get done. But if you want and need more clients, that can’t be the only thing that you’re doing. The next one, and this is a big one for people who already have a personal chef business, is advertising. Pay to play. Whether it’s ads on Facebook, or Google, or maybe you’re working leads on Thumbtack.

If those efforts aren’t getting you clients within 30 days, it’s just distracting you from actually talking to people. And it can be Really discouraging. And the last thing you [00:07:00] need as a culinary entrepreneur is more mind drama, making it harder to do your work and get clients. And then for both groups, whether you’re just trying to get started or you’re trying to get more clients in your current business.

Social media overload. Yes, social media can be an important marketing tool, although 100 percent you don’t have to use social media in your marketing. We can get caught up in the endless scrolling and taking in content instead of actually doing things on social media to get us going. So, if you don’t have a clear strategy, it’s just sucking up your time and being a big old distraction.

Because, again, for social media, you have to have a serious client getting strategy to be successful on it. Next, and we’re all a little guilty of this, being [00:08:00] passionate foodies who want to cook for other people, getting super detailed. Wasting a lot of time on menu planning, spending excessive time perfecting and over complicating menus instead of focusing on getting clients.

Again, it’s just something that you’re doing to maybe avoid the uncomfortable feeling of actually talking to someone about your services. Which one of these so far is hitting you the best? Have you had one of these that you know you’re diving into a little too deep? Let me know in the comments. So, another one that can make it seem like you’re doing things to get clients is networking, but not if you’re going in without a strategy, an objective, and you’re just making irrelevant small talk, maybe not even talking to people at all.

That is just a huge waste of time. And speaking of not having a strategy, another huge thing that I see [00:09:00] people who are trying to get clients do. is not following up with people who have either reached out to them or maybe people that you already know that might be a good client, but you’re either waiting for the right time or waiting until you get a little more experience or waiting until you get that shade of purple just right.

Believe me, I know this because I have been there.

So when you are getting contacts or you have potential contacts, you need to reach out to them. And if you realize you’re putting things off, then this is actually a sign that you are spending more time being avoiding being uncomfortable than you are actually trying to get your clients. So You really should return a call as soon as physically possible if someone’s reached out to you.

And reach out right now [00:10:00] if you know someone wants your services. There is no right time. There’s only this very moment in time. So again, some of these are business things that, yeah, you need to do. But you need to decide on your business details, like what services you’re doing, whether that’s Personal chef services, aka meal prep services, whether that’s small caterings, and your pricing.

Because marketing materials and business paperwork and current clients, you’ve got to strike a balance between those things and the things that will actually get you clients if you need clients right now. This is just one thing. One thing to do all those other 10 things, one thing to do to get clients talking to people about your services, whether that’s online in real life or wherever, talking to people about your services, if you don’t have those big decisions made.

Go back and watch [00:11:00] my previous two videos on creating a focus plan and set a time specifically for the other things that will actually get you clients. This will keep you on track. You will avoid getting distracted by the other things you have to do and the other things that you don’t have to do because then you can Work on getting to what you truly want a successful personal chef business where you’re getting paid to do what you love, because I’m telling you, the clients are out there, they’re hungry for what you’re cooking, but if you’re not telling them what you could do for them, how are they going to find you?

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